Guangzhou International
Diagnostic Analysis and Gene Technology Exhibition
September 11-13, 2024
Guangzhou, China

Why visit GTE 2019?

  • South China Biodiagnosis Analysis and Gene Technology Industry Events

  • Leading industry leaders attended the show, demonstrating advanced biodiagnostic analysis and genetic technology

  • More than 10,000 professional visitors, covering more than 20 industries and technical fields

  • Several professional forums were held in the same period, and dozens of experts, government agencies, and corporate executives were invited.

  • High-end forums gather industry experts to speak freely about the development of biodiagnostic analysis and genetic technology industry

By visiting GTE 2019, you can get the following opportunities:

Live meetings and events:

In addition to the traditional exhibition mode, the organizers carefully planned more than 15 meetings and events, including high-end forums, professional seminars, exhibitors technical exchanges, buyers procurement, etc., attracted more than 1,000 audiences and participants, get a lot of praise The For more details of the 2019 event, you can click here to get it.

Looking for new products

Tens of thousands of products in the exhibition site display.Product innovation, upgrading,so you always walk in the forefront of the industry,seize the opportunities and dividends of the times!

Looking for new models

The same product, not the same model,will let your mind open, excited!

Looking for a good partner

Hundreds of exhibitors at the scene to communicate with you,more real, more direct,so you find a satisfactory partner!

Maintaining relationships

At the same time, the same place, such a large-scale exhibition, there are always your old acquaintances, usually no time, this time can gather together, chat!

Information collection

The exhibition gathered hundreds of exhibitors, tens of thousands of buyers, industry experts, and held a number offorums, access to industry information and product information professional platform!

Expand contacts

Domestic and foreign elites gathered here, is your good place to establish interpersonal relationships and exchange ideas!

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