Guangzhou International
Diagnostic Analysis and Gene Technology Exhibition
September 11-13, 2024
Guangzhou, China
Testing Reagents

Biochemical analyzer, immunoassay analyzer, bacterial analyzer, urine analyzer, microbial analyzer, electrolyte analyzer, blood cell counter, blood analyzer, hemodialysis instrument, microplate reader, chromatograph, PCR instrument, etc.

Testing Equipment

In vitro diagnostic reagent, blood cell reagent, blood coagulation reagent, dry chemical test paper, protein detection reagent, virus detection reagent, tumor marker reagent, human gene detection reagent, immunohistochemistry and human tissue cell reagent, autoimmune diagnostic reagent, microbial detection reagent, etc.

Testing Aids

Incubators, centrifuges, pre-analytical equipment, blood testing equipment and apparatus, cryogenic refrigeration equipment, special disinfection equipment and disinfection preparations, body fluid treatment equipment, diagnostic microscopes, etc.

Cuvettes, blood collection tubes, serum tubes, samplecups, centrifuge tubes, tips, pipettes, test tubes, biochemical cups, etc.

Testing Consumables
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